Pete's Sceneries for FS 2004 & FSX

Swiss Sceneries are optimized for use with "Switzerland Professional" Scenery.


(no Support if you use it without Switzerland Professional)


Important! There are no Seasons provided, only Summer. Do not use Autogen!






FS 9.1 Swiss Airforce-Bases                                                          FSX Swiss Airforce-Bases


LSTS St.Stephan: Download                                                          LSMM Meiringen: Download


LSMM Meiringen: Download                                                           LSMP Payerne: Download


LSGK Saanen: Download                                                               LSML Lodrino:   Download


LSMD Duebendorf: Download


LSMU Buochs: Download


LSMC Ulrichen: Download


LSPM Ambri: Download


LSML Lodrino: Download


LSMU Buochs with Cavern: Download


LSMJ Turtmann: Download


LSMP Payerne: Download




FS 9.1 Israeli Airforce-Base

(by Isra & Pete)


LLOV Ovda: finished but not uploaded